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The aim of The Circle is to open a debate about possible solutions for a better future..... 



Exhibition 21 march - 20 april 2024⁠
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Milano - via Sciesa 4

THE CIRCLE’s visual research continues and turns its gaze to four collaborative projects between companies and universities, supported by Fondazione Cariplo.
Each one of these projects has been selected as significant examples of the local innovation chain and as active realities of circular economy. ⁠In Milan, Brescia, Pavia, Lecco, Padova, Luca Locatelli’s work⁠ is set in the research labs where the circular materials of the future are being studied. From the valorisation and recycling of sand discarded by foundries, to the recovery of substances with cosmeceutical properties from vegetable waste, the reprocess of silkworms to obtain sericin, which can be transformed from a waste protein of the textile industry into the basis for new materials, and the virtuous practices of some municipalities that are making a concrete contribution to the ecological transition through reuse.⁠ 

UNIONE INDUSTRIALI progetto scuole

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